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Created in August of 2010.
HIGIMIT is based upon the idea(s) that software should be easy to use no matter how difficult the task is. It should have an easy to understand workflow from point A to point Z. All software should have a flow to it that makes it easier to get your job done quickly and easily. We at HIGIMIT have been working in the IT industry for numerous years. We understand the difficulty people face on a daily basis and deal with numerous software vendors that seem to miss the point of developing standardized and streamlined software that doesnt need tons of training to use and do your daily tasks.

We developed Imagisizer in 2009 with the idea that resizing images in bulk should never be a great task. There are other batch image resizer's out there that allow you to resize images one folder at a time. Imagisizer is unique and in it's own realm in the sense that it allows you to resize multiple folders full of images, to multiple sizes, and also convert that set to other standard image formats all in the same session. Imagisizer was developed for people that don't necessarily use the computer all the time and can use it because it has an easy to understand interface. It was also developed for web designers, photographers, and construction companies that need to resize multiple images all at once.

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